Valentines Day Fireworks

Valentines Day Fireworks by Sirotechnics

February the 14th is a special day for people across the world. If nothing else, it is a great excuse for a date night and to spend some time with that special someone. Here at Sirotechnics Fireworks, we often get asked how we can make Valentines day an extra special occasion with the addition of fireworks?

As specialists in the art of Lancework, we can create messages in fire to any specification you choose. Names, pictures, messages, proposals, are all possible in any colour of your choice. We can even come out and fire a display for you with the chosen message starting from only £1000.00

We have done proposal fireworks for a whole host of clients, including celebrities, where we discreetly create the message “Will you marry me?” in fireworks, much to the amazement of the client and guests. We remain totally discreet throughout the event and press the button when we see your agreed secret signal.

Valentines Day Fireworks are traditionally quite a small show, after all, its probably going to be quite cool outside in February. Why not consider one of our smaller packages that we provide at weddings for your special day, this one was from Nick and Melanie’s wedding last year:

What else do Valentines Fireworks allow you to do? They allow for the perfect photograph opportunity too! Through our line of business we have great connections with some fantastic photographers who are generally a little more quiet at this time of year. As such, we can recommend someone in your area who could come and take a photo as awesome as the one here;

Valentines FireworksClick the photo above to see a video of heart shape fireworks in the sky too!

For more information on your Valentines Day Fireworks, get in touch with us here, or call the office on 0121 769 2064.