Firework Displays

Firework Displays by Sirotechnics

Please click to enlarge and scroll through some photographs of our stunning firework displays!

Firework displays are not just magical and memorable, they are also inspirational. Fireworks have inspired some of the worlds greatest thinkers. Stephen Hawkins for example is a huge lover of fireworks. As a youngster, Stephen would make small fireworks in the chemistry laboratory to entertain himself and friends.

For entertainment, there is really nothing quite like a firework display. End the evenings entertainment dramatically before the after party! You don’t have to have a long fireworks display for it to be good, often, a short sharp display works best. Firework displays can also be synchronised perfectly with music too. These are known as Pyromuscials.

Sirotechnics Fireworks displays start from as little as £500.00/minute inclusive of VAT. A firework display can be had at any time of year too. The only caveat is, the display must be over by 11pm, unless it is a religious celebration or  bonfire night. For more information on our fantastic firework displays please contact us!