How much does a Professional Fireworks Display from Sirotechnics cost?

When considering how much money to spend on a display, it is always easier if you know roughly what you want and how much money you are willing to part with. Duration of display and impact are the main factors when pricing a display. We are happy to work with you and we always design each display individually for our client.

When considering a budget, consider what it is you want. A quiet fireworks display perhaps, day time fireworks, or an all aerial display with a huge Golden Canopy ending? Pyromusical’s set to your favourite tracks, do start with a higher budget due to the extra amount of time needed to perfectly choreograph your display. Sirotechnics are also full members of the BPA (British Pyrotechnics Association) which works to a specific code of conduct ensuring you quality and delivery of the highest standard.

Price Guide:

When thinking about how much to spend here is a rough guide to get you started, to simplify things further, standard displays start at £500 a minute and pyromusical displays start at £1000 per minute.

Duration (Minutes) Traditional Firework Display Wedding Firework Display Pyromusical Firework Display Quiet Firework Display
3.5 £2500.00 £2500.00 £3500.00 £2500.00
5 £2500.00 £2500.00 £5000.00 £2500.00
7 £3500.00 £3500.00 £7000.00 £3500.00
10 £5000.00 £5000.00 £10,000 £5000.00
12 £8000.00 £8000.00 £15,000 £8000.00
15 £10,000 £10,000 £20,000+ £10,000+
20+ Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us 

All displays are covered by our Annual £10 Million public liability insurance policy and are inclusive of site visit with risk assessment, venue liaison,  design, set up, clear up and electronically fired to ensure the perfect timings. Our smallest firework displays start at £2500.00 and can last anywhere from 3 minutes to around 5.

An average Wedding Display would be £3500 and include chosen colours, shape shells for example Red Hearts in the sky with the Bride and Grooms initials either side of a dazzling Red Heart in Fire Writing.

Pyromusicals start at £3500, which will last between 3 and 5 minutes depending upon the track. An average 8/10 minute Pyromusical would cost around £9000, this price includes the PA system too, no hidden extras,

Day Time Fireworks Displays start at £5000.00. We are also happy to tender for firework displays, please contact us for more information.

We will always try our best to accommodate your chosen duration of display within your budget, however please do be mindful that an £2500 display lasting 30 minutes would not be as spectacular as a £2500 display lasting 1 minute!!

If perhaps our professionally fired displays are out of your budget, why not consider a self fire pack? We can design a firing order for you to make that special day go with a bang!