Professional Fireworks

Professional Fireworks Displays by Sirotechnics

Firework Displays are becoming more and more popular at all varieties of celebrations in the world. Think back to the opening of the Dubai Palms Resort, the biggest man-made island in the world, accompanied by the biggest Fireworks Display ever seen.

By sourcing products from around the globe, we are able to provide you with what we consider to be the best products in their class. We do not compromise on quality for price and are always looking for the next new and special thing to have for our clients.

At Sirotechnics we also strive to support our UK Manufacturing Firework Industry and use products produced in the UK by Dean Fireworks who produce the finest of lances that we use in our Fire Written messages and Pictures. The product may cost us a little more, but this cost is absorbed by us to provide the finest quality of products for you.

Professional Fireworks Displays are able to be fired from many locations. With Sirotechnics, you will not need to worry about the location as we will negotiate with the venue the best place to fire from on our initial site visit and Risk Assessment. We can fire from many forms of stable grounds, as well as from Boats and Barges and from Roof Tops in city centres. Quite often we are asked to do surprise displays – you won’t know we`re there until the first bang goes off!

With such a broad range of stock and effects, from many different countries we are sure to have the pyrotechnics you desire to make the display you want. Sirotechnics have bases throughout the UK so no matter where your professional fireworks display will be we can get there. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your display in more detail – we look forward to hearing from you!