Musical Fireworks

Pyromusical Fireworks – Fireworks to Music

Fireworks by the British Musical Fireworks Champions of Champions 2009 – 2018

With many years of experience in the pyrotechnics industry, we have become a specialist in the art of syncing the ignition of our Fireworks to Music – Choreographing some of the finest musical fireworks displays the UK has ever seen. We have amassed a wealth of knowledge over the years allowing us to take your breath away with `bangs on the beat`.

As with all our displays, we use an electronic firing system that allows us to fire `hits` on the cue of the note from a song. This results in extremely accurate timings of the fireworks in our displays. We are able to produce comet chases where the silver comets will rise on the beat of the notes and appear to be chasing each other across the sky.

Due to the complexity of pyro musical displays the costs are a little higher. Don’t let this put you off though. A 3 minute fireworks display to music can in some instances be more entertaining than a 10 minute display with none.

As the British Musical Fireworks Champions of Champions you really are in safe hands booking a pyromusical display with us. Here is a video of another of our competition winning displays:

Please contact us to discuss your pyromusical fireworks requirements.