Frequently Asked Questions from our Clients:

We hope the following will help answer any questions you might have about Sirotechnics and our firework displays. However please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.

Are you members of any professional pyrotechnic bodies?

Sirotechnics are members of the BPA (British Pyrotechnics Association). Our team of firers are all trained to BPA standards and will ensure a safe and trouble free firework display.

Are you insured to fire a public display?

Sirotechnics are a division of Northern Lights Fireworks Limited and are covered by their comprehensive insurance policy. All of our firework displays are automatically covered by our £10M public liability insurance. Further details and copies of the insurance certificate are available upon request.

Do fireworks work in the rain?

We are often asked if rain will affect the smooth running of a firework display. To date we have never cancelled a firework display due to inclement weather as we work extremely hard to ensure that our fireworks are protected from the rain – its us that gets wet not your Fireworks!

Do you ever cancel a firework displays due to bad weather?

The short answer is yes, however this is extremely rare. We will always attempt to re-arrange a firework display to negate the effects of the weather. On one occasion we had to cancel a firework display due to gale force winds blowing directly towards the audience. The winds were so strong that it would have been impossible for us to stop the debris entering the spectator zone. Safety is our number one priority. If we believe that it is unsafe to proceed with a firework display then we reserve the right to delay or cancel the display.

Can you sell me fireworks all year round?

Sirotechnics are able to supply fireworks at any time of the year. Please or contact us for further details.

Can I have a display at any time of year?

We can arrange a firework display at any time of year. However there are certain constraints regarding the time of day that a firework display can be fired. At most times of the year this is before 11pm. In November this is extended, likewise at Diwali. In many instances we will start the firework display as soon as it gets dark in summer (if this suits your requirements), or anytime after 5pm in the winter.

Is noise ever a problem?

Noise can be an issue at certain venues. Where noise is a problem we can provide quiet firework displays that are more pop than bang.

What if I do not know what I want?

Our friendly and experienced team and can help you to choose the most appropriate firework display for your venue / event.

What about the mess?

Firework displays do create a small amount of debris (typically small bits of cardboard which are biodegradable). We strive to clear this up after the display to the best of our ability.

How much do displays cost?

As you might expect the prices of our firework displays vary and are dependant upon your specific requirements. Please refer to our pricing section for further details or contact us.