Lancework Logo and Text Photographs

Lancework is the art of creating a Firework Logo, Firework Writing or Firework Pictures. Sirotechnics manufacture these to order in the UK and are the leading provider of this service, see some of our previous work below.

Sirotechnics Fireworks manufacture Lancework using a bespoke method created specially for us. This method of constructing our firework words and firework logos means that we can perfectly match the style and shape of any image. The curvature we create with the design, will perfectly scale match your image.

Take the Skoda and Coca-Cola logo images above as examples. Using the traditional method of creating lancework, cane would be bent to create the curves. This method will work, however it will never be perfect. With our rubberised method, the bends are perfectly on scale. Sirotechnics then couple this unique firework technology with traditional, British Manufactured Lances.

Lances are the individual little fireworks which make up the pixels in a lancework setpiece. They are about the size of a chalk stick and contain a solid tube of firework composition. Each tube is hand pressed and filled to burn for approximately 1 minute. It is also possible to have the colours change, crackle and strobe too. Some of our most famous pieces of work have included these special morph lances.

Just to show you how far your imagination can stretch, take a look at the video below. This set piece was designed for the BMFC 2012 and shows the Loch Ness Monster travelling across the marine lake in southport with other aquatic fireworks!

If you are considering alternative methods to depict pictures or words in fire, such as Fire Rope, Fire Sculptures or Lancerope Lance work images. Contact us to find out why our method offers you the finest quality at a competitive price.