Nick and Mels Wedding Fireworks

Nick and Mel’s Wedding Fireworks!

Sirotechnics have had a fantastic weekend at Nick and Mel’s wedding and we would like to share with you the wedding fireworks display which made the evening even more spectacular!

This was a high impact short duration display with lots of hard hitting effects throughout. We used large calibre cakes along with shells up to 100mm in diameter. There were even 3 lovely heart shape shells near the end – see if you can spot them.

The show was started by the bride and groom, erupting into a volley of large shells and silver cakes. Variation of effects throughout ensures all eyes are glued to the sky for the magical display. A lovely still from Kristian Parton Photography is below:

Nicks Wedding Fireworks

What else made the evening fantastic? Well Sirotechnics were pleased to meet Richard Kemp from Kemp and Kemp Catering. The food was truly exquisite and they specialise in bespoke food for independent weddings. Richard and his team put on a true feast, so if you are looking for fantastic food for your wedding, look no further than below.

Richard and his team also have another website for independent weddings. Here you can find other suppliers for your bespoke wedding. Why have it the same as everyone else? These include marquee companies, refrigeration units, photographers, flower arrangers, and now Wedding Fireworks Providers!

Indoor Pyro

Sirotechnics Produce Stunning Indoor Pyro Presentations too!

Stage Pyro, Indoor Pyro, Pyrotechnics, these are all types of essentially what are types of firework indoors. The difference? Well they are normally of a smaller nature and made in a different way to make them suitable for indoor use at close proximity. Many of the effects can be used at only 3 metres away from people and props, if not closer.

We were asked to close the proceedings for the joint KES and KEHS school summer concert, using a variety of noise and flash effects for the 1812 overture. Simulation of the bangs were required. Here is a smart photo of the finale where jets, confetti and airbursts were used, all manufactured in the UK by the top producer Wells Fireworks.


Sirotechnics are able to fire Pyro to live bands and orchestras using a state of the art wireless firing system. It means we are in complete control of the timings and work with a score reader to ensure we hit the exact notes you require. It is basically manual fire of a pyromusical in many ways! We can position the indoor pyro in many places that are often hard to reach using wired systems. In-fact we were told by the back stage crew it was the best they had ever seen at this particular venue.

See the video of the whole performance here:

Pyrotechnics can be used much closer than in traditional firework displays. This means we can use them on the catwalk, dance-floor, stage, stadium, or anywhere we can access! Make your event stand out with Pyrotechnics from Sirotechnics!

If you are looking for indoor pyro or indoor pyrotechnics, why not get in touch to see how we can help you. We are always happy to give you a quote.

Wedding Fireworks Gold Medal

Gold Medal for Sirotechnics Wedding Fireworks!

To always strive for the best in what we do, we like to put ourselves forward for the odd competition and award. This is why we were crowned British Pyromusical champions 2013! He who dares wins!

This is why for 2014 we thought we would see how we stack up against other wedding suppliers and wedding entertainment. We entered ourselves in the Best For Weddings awards and came out top! Thats right, a Gold Medal for Sirotechnics as a supplier of Wedding Fireworks, see our medal below!
BF Wedding FireworksAs one of the leading providers of wedding firework displays in the UK, make sure your provider has some credentials too! We work hard for our reputation and are proud to share our Medal with you. To enquire about your wedding fireworks display, do not hesitate to get in touch, contact us now.

Prom Fireworks

Prom Fireworks by Sirotechnics Fireworks

Are you looking for a spectacular fireworks display to end your school leavers ball or prom? Well look no further. Sirotechnics have delivered prom fireworks for many schools across the UK with a wide range of budgets starting from as little as £800.00. Contact us HERE or read below to find out more!!

Prom Fireworks

Each year the number of proms in the UK grows by around 6%. Last year over 2000 schools held a prom but as little as 150 had a firework display at the end. Make your school stand out and be one of the few to accompany your celebrations with Prom Fireworks.

Sirotechnics Fireworks display team will end your night with a bang. Supplying professional grade fireworks to light up the sky for an intense 5 minutes or so is the usual requirement. We also specialise in the art of Lancework meaning we can even write a message in fireworks such as:



This is what Angelina said after her Prom Fireworks Display at Sopwell House:

“Dear Simon and the Team, thank you so much for putting the finishing touch to our prom. The fireworks were absolutely spectacular and I would not hesitate one second to recommend you to the year below.”

If you are thinking of booking a Prom Fireworks display then get in touch with us on the contact page to find out more or simply call the office on 0121 769 2064

Lancework on Water

Lancework on Water | The Lakeness Monster!

Sirotechnics Fireworks are a specialist in the art of Lancework. In 2012 Sirotechnics were approached to create a floating lancework for use in the British Musical Fireworks Championships held in Southport at the marine lake. Sadly, this was to be the last year that the marine lake was to be used so they wanted to do something a little bit special.

Our brief was simple – “We would like a Loch Ness monster to travel across the lake at a relatively slow speed that breathes fire.”

So nothing too complicated then?! This is what Sirotechnics came up with:

We achieved the brief to acclaim, the display was awarded a special mention due to the innovation. So how was it achieved?

Sirotechnics utilised a marine docking system to create pontoons to float the individual lanceworks on. Then we used a 150 metre high tension wire and a canoe to pull it tight over the lake. Finally lots of caribinas and a long rope meant we could move the floating lancework up and down the tension wire.

The Lancework was fired using a remote firing system called Cobra. The module was armed half an hour prior to the show to ensure continuity. This was achieved by yours truly paddling out in a canoe on a pitch black lake, something i can whole heartedly not recommend. There was 3 modules on board the pontoons to control the firing of not only Nessie but also the various effects on board the first pontoon. When the little flies rise from the water you will notice the monster breathing fire to burn them! Here is a couple of stills from the set piece in action too:



Sirotechnics Fireworks provide Lancework set pieces for any idea you can think of. Our limitation is your imagination so visit our gallery for more examples of our work or get in touch for a quote.

Sirotechnics Win the British Musical Fireworks Championships 2013

BMFC Winners 2013 – Sirotechnics Fireworks

Wow! What an incredible weekend! Sirotechnics Fireworks Win the British Musical Fireworks Championships – The UK’s premier Firework Competition. BMFC 2013.

Watch our award winning display here:

BMFC Southport Fireworks 2013 Winning Display by Sirotechnics Fireworks from Sirotechnics Fireworks on Vimeo.

Sirotechnics Fireworks are available to provide fireworks displays UK wide. Based in Solihull near Birmingham we are possibly the best choice in the area to provide displays for Wedding Fireworks, Corporate Fireworks and Birthday Fireworks. Contact us for more information regarding your display.